DVFilm provides digital transfers from any video format, NTSC, PAL, HD or computer image file to 35mm, 16mm film or Digital Cinema Packages and we offer a host of other services in the Rembrandt system.

We also design, develop, and sell desktop HD editing software, including DVFilm Maker, DVFilm Atlantis, and the Raylight family of software products.

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Marcus van Bavel

Marcus holds a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from the University of Texas at Austin, where he also studied film production at UT's film school. He worked as a cinematographer or visual effects supervisor on four feature films and many short films, music videos and television commercials. He also produced and directed two of these feature films, THE TEXAS COMEDY MASSACRE and REDBOY 13. He authored US Patent #5,432,352 on computerized motion control, the book
SHOOTING DIGITAL, and has 30 years experience in digital imaging.

Andy Olson

Andy is a graduate of UT Austin film school, an experience sound mixer and a film maker. His work has been shown in several festivals including the Austin Film Festival. He previously worked for Fotokem in Burbank, CA.


David Keslick

David joined us from Sony Imageworks and is an experienced film recording technician. He was an Honors Graduate (in Theatre) from the University of South Florida and is currently pursuing an MA at Texas State University. He is also an accomplished photograher.

Our staff can be reached at the production office noted on our Contact Page.

The parent company of DVFilm is Dominion Pictures.


Some of our recent short films:

Deliveries (Houston International Fest 2011)

The Pact (Guadalajara Film Fest 2011)

Vicky and Sam (featured at Zacuto.com 2010)

Puffer Girl (Seattle Int'l Film Fest 2009, Anchorage Int'l Film Fest 2009)


Luz de Enero

Worth (Park City Film Fest 2009)

Pigeon Impossible (First Prize - Best Short - Montreal Film Fest 2009)


An Creatur

Doxology (Ottowa, Slamdance 2008)

Shut Eye Hotel (Bill Plympton)

Redemptitude (Sundance 2007)

Guide Dog (Bill Plympton, an Academy Award Nominee)

Fan and Flower (Bill Plympton)

Aftermath on Meadowlark Lane (Sundance 2007)

MGM's EFX (Las Vegas)

U.S. Army Signal Corps' "The Star Spangled Banner"

David Ishi, Bookseller (San Diego Asian FF)



The Deal

The Mountain King

Love in 13 Rooms



Muddy Fork

Feature films:

Tattooed Under Fire (Showed on PBS, Dallas AFI Int'l Film Fest 2009)

El día


Niño Fidencio

Bonjour...Je M' Appelle Maxime Renard

Life for Sale


Déficit (Directed by Gael García Bernal )


Las Cruces

Inside the Circle (Directed by Marcy Garriot)

Stray Bullet
In Cane for Life

Want to see samples of our work? We have regular screenings all around the country. Sign up for our mailing list to get announcements. You can also request a copy of our 35mm demo reel, or our HD to 35mm demo reel, or screen them free at our film laboratory in Los Angeles (please contact us to arrange that). You can also order a 2-min silent test made from your own footage.

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*For live-action video or titles (animation), DVFilm rated #1 in quality among the labs located in the US or Canada, and #3 worldwide. In those categories, DVFilm's NTSC transfer also rated above all PAL transfers in the US or Canada. For transfer cost among labs using digital transfer methods (which excludes kinescope), DVFilm rated #1 lowest in the world. See the Sept 2000 Issue of The Independent.