A 219-page guide to shooting digital films, written by Marcus van Bavel, DVFilm's chief engineer. Everything you need to know including selecting a camera, lighting, recording sound, editing, preparing for film transfer, promotion, marketing and distribution is found in this book. It was last updated in 2010. This edition contains lots of information on HD video cameras and HD-video-capable DSLRs like the Canon 5d, the Canon 7d, the Panasonic T2i, and the Panasonic GH1. A updated edition will be released in 2023 with new chapters on using Raylight Cutter.

The 2010 edition (the last one available now) is a free download in PDF format.




"I highly recommend Shooting Digital... as van Bavel
is a filmmaker himself, the book contains invaluable
real-world tips and insights purely professional
'video geeks' may not have encountered."

-- Kevin West

"If you're planning a digital feature or short film, I can't
recommend van Bavel's book enough. I haven't seen
anything comparable on the market. There's enough
technical "meat" to enlighten the battle-hardened,
veteran production techie, as well as tips and anecdotes
that will aid and entertain the novice. It's all here from
shooting to editing; don't leave your pre-production
meeting without it."

-- David Boone

"Shooting Digital is the ideal reference for new filmmakers,
packing years of experience into one thorough, concise and
unpretentious book. My overwhelming reaction as I read it
cover to cover was to wish I'd had it in my hands a year ago!"

--Marcy Garriott
Producer/Director of Documentary SPLIT DECISION

"I just finished your book, Shooting Digital, last night, and
wanted you to know how valuable I found it. I have been researching
Digital Filmaking for the last six months, and nothing ---- no website,
no book, no video --- comes anywhere near being as comprehensive,
informative, or helpful. I cannot recommend your book more highly.
And at $35, I feel as though I have either ripped you off, or perhaps
just taken advantage of your saintly nature and generous act of

--Brian Dalton
Lazy Eye Pictures


"An excellent job of walking a filmmaker through the in's and out's
of production choices ... when thinking of transferring to film
later down the line."

-- Matthew Ross,

"Van Bavel knows the pitfalls of shooting digital for film, and offers solid advice on avoiding them
from preproduction to post. It's basic to the point information without embellishment."


"A practical guide to shooting HD for film"


Topics in the Book

Why Digital? DSLR and HD video Lighting for Digital
Camera Support Framing and Frame Rates Shooting Film for Digital
Sound Recording Computer Editing Titles and Color Correction
Preparing the Master Files Selecting a Camera Tapeless Workflow
Links and Resources Film Transfer Methods Film Festivals
Distribution Budgets and Contracts Specifications for Transfer

The book also includes a sample script, example contracts, and links to online resources such as a budget spreadsheet and Internet sites of interest to filmmakers. Read Chapter One here.

When you puchase the PDF download of the book, you can also download the latest edition any time at using your registered email address. A great way to stay up-to-date!

Publishing Note: (14-Oct-2010): The latest edition is ready for purchase!