Panasonic P2 MXF Editing with Sony VegasTM.
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is here! It's fast... and high-quality

Real HD - Real Time - RAYLIGHT ULTRA

Supports the newest Sony Vegas Pro 11!

  • Now with direct export of P2 MXFs (DVCPRO50 & DVCPROHD) from
    Sony Vegas Pro 9 or later.

Also, introducing the new Raylight Ultra Power Packs!

  • Power Pack I gives you faster decode and playback of Avc-intra P2 MXFs!
  • Power Pack II gives you faster decode, playback and direct P2 MXF export of
    Avc-intra from Sony Vegas Pro 9 or later!

Raylight Ultra is an HD codec for Windows that is compatible with the Panasonic HVX200/HPX170/HPX300 or any P2 camera. It will work with any application that supports Video for Windows such as Sony Vegas, After Effects, or Premiere, and allows direct, native, P2 (MXF file) editing in Sony Vegas. It supports real-time editing of AVC-INTRA, DVCPROHD, DVCPRO50, DVCPRO, and DVNote1 even with an inexpensive computer and older editing software.

The Plug-in for Sony VegasTM allows you to drag P2 MXF files directly into the timeline!

The Plug-in for Sony VegasTM requires Windows XP (32/64), Vista (32/64), or Windows 7 (32/64) and
Sony Vegas 7 or later.

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Raylight ULTRA also comes with a simple application called RayMaker which converts MXF files from the camera's P2 card into Raylight AVI (AVIs can be edited with older applications)*.

Raylight can also author a P2 card for playback of your finished movie on the camera, with P2 Maker.

Check here for other Raylight products like Raylight Decoder (for Quicktimes) and Raylight for Mac.

Raylight Ultra can also be used as an intermediate (editing) codec for HDV cameras.

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    Key Features:
    • No "qualified systems" expensive hard drives, etc. you can edit on almost any PC.
    • Two choices for preview quality to match the speed of your computer (see at left).
    • Superb high-quality decompression (in max quality mode) matches pixel for pixel the best in the industry such as the Avid HD100 or Apple DVCPRO-HD codecs.
    • Inexpensive, save thousands on overpriced HD editing systems.
    • Works with nearly any Windows-based editing software like Sony Vegas.
    • Create non-recompressed edited HD movies-- absolutely no image quality loss because the video frame data are untouched by the editing system. Ideal for transfer to 35mm film or 24P DVD.
    • New! P2 Metadata in the Vegas timeline and Media Manager
    • New! Two or Four channels of audio in the timeline
    • New! Ultra-fast rendering: 2.5x real timeNote 2
    • Works with Panasonic P2 cameras like the HVX200 to create a complete, tapeless, zero-loss, editing solution.
    This simple popup overlays your editing screen and controls Raylight Quality Settings:

    Violet - Maximum Quality

    Red - Low Res Proxy

    Check out the Higher performance of ULTRA compared to the old Raylight for Windows.