DVFilm Releases Raylight Ultra 1.3 with Power Pack options

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Today, DVFilm ( releases the latest version of Raylight Ultra.

For 4 years, Raylight Ultra has allowed users native import of Panasonic P2 MXFs from P2 cameras like the HVX200, HPX170 and HPX370 straight into Sony Vegas Pro editing software. Other features include P2 metadata into the Sony Vegas bin, and real-time playback of AVC-Intra, DVCPROHD, DVCPRO50, and DVCPRO. Not only does Raylight Ultra work with the latest versions of Sony Vegas Pro, but it also functions with Vegas 8 and older versions. Raymaker, a program included with Ultra, allows P2 MXFs to be converted into Raylight AVI’s which then play in any program that uses Video for Windows such as Windows Media Player.

Today, Raylight Ultra 1.3 introduces direct P2 MXF export, with smart rendering, of DVCPRO50 and DVCPROHD from the Sony Vegas Pro 9 and 10 timeline.  All frame rates in both 50hz and 60hz are supported, and Raylight Ultra 1.3-created P2 MXFs can be transferred back onto a Panasonic P2 card or used in another non-linear editing systems on  Mac or PC. This is a free update for Ultra customers or is available for purchase for $195 dollars.

With Raylight Ultra 1.3, clients will also have the Power Pack I and Power Pack II options. Both Power Packs give enhanced P2 MXF AVC-Intra support with 3x faster playback than the standard version of Raylight Ultra. Also, Power Pack II allows direct export of AVC-Intra P2 MXFs from Sony Vegas 9 and 10.

Existing users of Raylight Ultra can upgrade to Raylight Ultra Power Pack I for only $25 or Raylight Ultra Power Pack II for only $100. Go to to purchase the upgrade, and then download.

Interested? Read more information by going to, click on Software and then Raylight Ultra, or the Power Packs. The direct link is

For more details contact the DVFilm Support and Sales staff, or 512-666-4383.