DVFilm Publishes Marcus van Bavel’s “SHOOTING DIGITAL”

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Today (Oct 19th 2010) DVFilm publishes online an updated edition of the book SHOOTING DIGITAL, written by Marcus van Bavel, DVFilm’s Chief Engineer and the creator of Raylight Ultra and other desktop editing tools.

SHOOTING DIGITAL was originally published in 1998 when the DV format was first being used for digital moviemaking and transfer to film. At the time it was one of the few books that discussed the particular problems of shooting with consumer-class DV cameras with the intention of release on 35mm print. Since then, the field of digital filmmaking has expanded exponentially, first with the advent of HDV cameras, then low-cost DVCPROHD cameras like the HVX-200, and lately again with the introduction of DSLR cameras than shoot high resolution with film-like depth of field and low-light sensitivity. The new edition now covers all these latest developments, but still offers many of the original book’s all-encompassing tips on zero-budget lighting, camera support, sound recording, post production, film festivals, marketing, and distribution.

Van Bavel has a unique perspective on filmmaking since he is not only a software engineer and video systems architect, but also a filmmaker that has produced and directed two feature films and experienced first-hand the problems of producing a movie in 16mm, 35mm and digital formats. Also, as the founder and chief engineer of DVFilm, a video to film transfer company, he has a deep understanding of the problems that filmmakers encounter when taking a video camera image and enlarging it to the size of a movie screen.

The book also includes a sample script, example contracts, and links to online resources such as a budget spreadsheet and Internet sites of interest to filmmakers. The first chapter can be read online for free at

Also when you purchase the PDF download of the book, you can download the latest edition any time at by using the purchaser’s email address. It’s a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in digital film.

The book is $10 by download. Go to to buy.

For more information, you can also write to DVFilm at, or talk to the sales and support staff at 512-666-4383.