DVFilm Releases Raylight for Mac 3.0

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Today DVFilm ( releases the latest version of Raylight for Mac.

Raylight for Mac 3.0 introduces AVC-Intra capability, automatic import into the Final Cut Pro bin, and metadata import into the bin. It is for sale right now for $150, a much lower cost and also now a more capable program than competing methods.

Raylight for Mac, first available in 2008, was the first tool to make direct import of Panasonic P2 MXF files into Final Cut Pro. Raylight works by creating "reference" or quicktime links to the original DVCPROHD data, which can then be edited like ordinary quicktime files, but are created in just a few seconds after connecting your P2 card or hard drive with P2 MXF files.

Raylight for Mac files work just like Apple Log & Transfer files. They play back using the Apple built-in DVCPROHD and AVC-Intra codecs, not the Panasonic codecs, for maximum  quality and playback speed. Except the Raylight files are created instantly, and take up only a few thousand bytes per clip.

Raylight saves on time, and it saves on drive space.

Raylight for Mac 3.0 also now works with AVC-Intra files, for a complete P2 MXF capability.

After the P2 MXF files are "scanned" by Raylight, with version 3.0 they can now appear automatically into your project media bin in Final Cut Pro, sorted automatically into folders based on metadata, and with human-readable file names like "Scene 23 Take 5" also based on metadata. Also, the metadata appears in the Final Cut Pro project media bin, and the mapping of P2 metadata to the columns in the Final Cut Pro bin is fully customizable.

Raylight can also allow you to author P2 MXF files from Final Cut Pro. You export a P2-format quicktime file into a special folder, and that file is automatically converted by Raylight into a full P2 Card image, suitable for playback on a P2 Camera or for import into other editing or broadcast systems.

Existing users of Raylight for Mac can upgrade to Raylight for Mac 3.0 for only $50. Go to to purchase the upgrade, and then download.

Interested? Read more information by going to, click on Software and then Raylight for Mac. The direct link is

For more details contact the DVFilm Support and Sales staff, or 512-666-4383