DVFilm Releases DVFilm EPIC I (Epic One)

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Today DVFilm ( releases DVFilm EPIC I ("Epic One") a DSLR editing plug-in for Sony Vegas Pro 9.0, 32-bit and 64-bit versions, for all versions of Window XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

DVFilm EPIC I provides real-time editing without transcoding for video DSLRs in Vegas Pro 9 as well as Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10. It works perfectly for the Canon 5d MkII, Canon 7d, Rebel T2i/550d and Rebel T1i/500d.

It's priced at only $45 from

The latest generation of digital SLRs shoot spectacular HD video and give filmmakers a wide range of creative control from interchangeable SLR lenses to low-light sensitivity. However, one drawback has been the H.264 codec they use to record video. Most non-linear editing systems cannot play back these files, with multiple streams, in real time, unless you have an extremely fast computer. There can also be reliability problems with a large number of files in the project. This is where DVFilm EPIC I comes in.

The EPIC I plug-in for Sony Vegas allows you to edit DSLR H.264 Quicktime files in real time by using our "INSTANT EDIT" method. You can edit in real time, on practically any machine, even on a low-cost laptop.

The Instant Edit method is totally transparent: that means NO transcoding, NO swapping files, NO hassles. Epic can also handle hundreds of files with hundreds of effects and transitions with excellent stability and well-controlled memory usage.

How does it work?

In Vegas when you drag H.264 clips into the timeline and assemble your rough cut, Epic I automatically prepares for real-time playback in the background by preparing a DV or HD format MXF file. Once it's ready, the playback switches over automatically to the real-time file, and playback instantly becomes real time for that clip.

When you are finished with your edit, you simply click the Epic Roman Column  (a popup that overlays the Vegas user interface) to High Quality and you can then export to DVD, Blu-Ray, or to whatever is your final format.

You can also use the Vegas "Preview Half" and "Preview Full" modes to switch back and forth between Real Time (Red) and High Quality (Purple) modes of playback.

Epic takes advantage of the fact that editors use a lot of time head scratching over trimming the clips and adjusting the in and out points, before needing real-time playback of the assembled rough cut. This idle time of the computer's processors is thus used to prepare for playback. This efficient method allows for real-time playback without demanding top-end multiprocessors or hardware H.264 decoding.

However, unlike transcoding, you start to edit immediately without waiting for the transcoding to finish. Also, unlike conventional proxy editing methods, there is no file swapping to worry about, the switching between real-time and high-quality modes is handled transparently by the plug-in.

Editing with Epic I is also superior in quality to transcoding methods, because it avoids lossy recompression of the original video. You always render from the original H.264 master files, upsampled to 4:2:2 color and up to 10 bits per channel (with the 10-bit YUV mode turned on). Epic can also switch instantly from video system RGB to computer RGB color space.

Future versions of Epic I will also support Vegas 8 and Final Cut Pro.

Interested? Read more information by going to, click on Software and then DVFilm Epic I. The direct link is

For more details contact the DVFilm Support and Sales staff, or 512-666-4383