Epic I QuickStart Guide

    Quick Start for 1/2 size RT editing (Vegas 9/32bit and 9/64bit)

    Quicktime 7.6 is recommended. Get it here

  1. Install Vegas 9. Close Vegas if it's running.
  2. Install DVFilm Epic I .
  3. Open the Epic I control panel (see at left) by clicking 'Yes' in the final install prompt or by the start menu.
  4. Select Real Time File(default)
  5. Select Medium (default)
  6. Click OK to close the dialog.
  7. Run Vegas and drag a .mov file from the Vegas File Explorer into the timeline.
  8. Make sure your Projects Settings match your clip properties exactly.
  9. Right-click on the Epic Icon in the taskbar and select "Show Quality Control"
  10. Do any trimming or editing of the clip as needed. After the progress bar finishes, enjoy real-time playback of your clip.
  11. Before rendering, change to Epic Purple Mode or use the Auto mode (See Advanced Options).

Set File Preferences in Vegas

These settings will improve performance when switching to/from the Vegas editing window (see at right). In Vegas click Options->Preferences and select the General tab. Unselect the two options highlighted in red.

Set RAM Preferences

These settings will reduce the amount of memory used when scrubbing or rendering. The Dynamic RAM preview is not needed with Epic and can interfere with switching between low and high quality modes. In Vegas click Options->Preferences and select the Video tab. Set the Dynamic RAM Preview max to 0 (zero). Also most HD codecs are already multi-threaded so only one rendering thread is needed, this will also reduce memory use and improve performance. Set the Maximum number of rendering threads to 1 (one).

  1. Click OK to save your preferences and restart Vegas so the settings can take effect.
  2. Use project settings that match your clip settings exactly. For example if your clips are 1920 x 1080, 23.976 frames/sec, set the Vegas Project Settings to the exact same values.
  3. Open Vegas 9 Pro and drag h.264 Quicktimes to the timeline or open in trimmer for Epic I to start generating proxies. You can edit normally while proxies are being made.
Switching between Proxies and Full Quality

With Manual Mode OFF (see Advanced Options), Epic will playback the proxies when you are in Preview Half. To see the files at full quality, use Preview Full. Note that Vegas 9 will automatically switch to Preview Half when you attempt playback. If you want to turn off this behavior, right-click on the Preview monitor and unselect Adjust Size and Quality for Optimal Playback (see in red at right).

Enjoy DVFilm Epic I! Contact DVFilm Support for more info. Also see our discussion board for more tips.

If you have problems with Epic creating Real Time files on your system drive, you may need to Disable UAC, click here for details.