Why Use Raylight Cutter?

You spend all day (even all night) in front of your editing system. What would you rather work with, a clutter-filled mess of tiny, unreadable icons, half of which you never use, and tiny hard-to-find controls, and popups that constantly get in the way...?

Or work with this, Raylight Cutter's 3D Virtual Cutting Room:
Raylight Cutter breaks up the editing process into its natural phases: selecting clips, trimming clips, editing of clips into a scene, assembly of scenes into a movie, and preparing the movie for presentation.

It's faster, and easier to use because:

  • It locates your clips for you, saving time searching for files
  • The controls are large and suitable for use with touchscreens and tablets.
  • Clips can be swiped into the scene and moved around with your finger tips, saving time.
  • Transitions are grouped logically and can be more easily modified in multiple places at once.
  • It can easily be controlled with voice commands.
  • Proxies for faster editing are handled transparently in the program, no need for transcoding or file swapping.
  • Common color correction, sound mixing and title controls are integrated into the program with simple, easy-to-use methods.

Raylight makes editing fun again. Edit like they did in the Golden Age of Hollywood!