RayMaker will convert DVCPRO50 (PAL or NTSC) and DV (PAL or NTSC) MXF files into self-contained DVCPRO50 AVI or DV-AVI's respectively. The sound will be taken from the appropriate Audio MXF file. To playback the resulting DVCPRO50 AVI, you need the DVCPRO50 codec from Matrox, which is a free download from their website at


To playback DV-AVI files, your editing system will supply an appropropriate
high-quality DV codec. Vegas uses the Vegas DV codec. Premiere Pro uses the Main Concept DV codec. Some other applications like Windows Media Player will use the Microsoft DV codec.

DV or DVCPRO50 frames will have a pattern of gray squares over the image when you play back the AVI. Purchase the release version of Raylight to remove the squares.


Import the AVIs into Vegas as you would with any AVI. The project settings should be taken from the NTSC or PAL presets, unless you shot at 24P, in which case the frame rate should be set to 23.976.

Pixel Aspect Ratio (PAR)

When a DVCPRO50 clips is brought into Vegas, the pixel aspect ratio (PAR) defaults to square pixels (1.0). This is because Vegas uses a table of known video formats to set the PAR, but DVCPRO50 is an unkown format to Vegas. So you must manually set the clip properties to a PAR of .9091 for NTSC. If you want to change the PAR setting for a bunch of clips all at the same time, there is a script written for Vegas that will do that. Download it here.

For Premiere the same problem with PAR occurs, but there is no known method to change the PAR all at once.

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