Reviews of DVFilm Epic I

(DVFilm Epic I) works great and most important, I'm having fun again when editing.

-stip on

So far I have (been) testing (DVFilm Epic I)! And all I can say at this point is OMG!! IT'S AMAZING! I use Vegas Pro 9. Full frame viewing is no smooth!


Purchased Epic and really happy so far. Got some 450 shots on the timeline, over an hour and a half, all I (shot) with my T2i so far! Several fx and transitions. Rendered few minutes and all went fine.

Brilliant plugin, again, I think this is the best and cheapest alternative, and let's you render from the original.

-Robert St-Onge on

I'm thinking (DVFilm Epic I) might be more convenient than Cineform. So far, it doesn't really seem to add any additional work flow steps, it's as if you're working natively in h264. I get tired of juggling MPEG streamclip, DNXHD, Clipbrowser, Virtual Dub, Cf(Cineform) etc. Simple is good for me.


I purchased Epic I and I am very satisfied! Did my first corporate job with mixed footage from my EX1 (interviews) and b-roll from the Canon T2i. Had several fx on every shot. Rendered without any problems.

Support is really great also.

-Rosto99 on Sony Vegas Forum